The Mass Open Cloud GUI

Providing a compelling experience for users of the MOC

Project logistics

Preferred past experience

Some experience in one or more of the following is preferred in possible team members:

What is the MOC-UI?

The MOC-UI is the front end GUI for tenants of the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC). We expect it to be used by students from BU, NU, MIT, HU and UMass, as well as some users from the broader commonwealth. It differs from the existing Horizon UI of OpenStack in that it: 1) needs to operate across multiple deployments (HU, NU, BU...), 2) has to expose a complex marketplace of services to meet the goals of the MOC (e.g., more like Amazon's consumer marketplace), and 3) presents a simpler (but hopefully more compelling) interface for end-users (Horizon supports both users and providers of the cloud). The group accepting this project will work on implementing these features. We will set up a full list of features at the start of the project.

Some Technologies Expected To Be Learned/Used