Cloud Scale Continuous Integration

Exploiting Docker & Vagrant to enable continous integration

One of the issues organizations face today when implementing DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, is that it is difficult to provide a consistent environment from development through to quality assurance and production environments. The goal of this project is to build an environment where a developer can in an automatic way deploy and test their code in a cloud, or even on a laptop, and then automatically deploy it into their production environment. If successful, the result would be an open source package that would be used by thousands of developers on a daily basis working on new applications hosted in the cloud. The portable environment will make such an application deployable in any Open Hybrid Cloud

Project logistics

Preferred past experience

Not every team member is expected to be experienced in the skills below and some skills will be learned during the project.

What is ContainerizedDevOps about?

Providing a consistent environment for development, testing, quality assurance and production. Providing layers of Continuous Integration testing depending on the env. Complete dev to prod workflow. Using Vagrant VM for hosting containerized applications

Some Technologies Expected To Be Learned/Used