MOC Monitoring (MOCMon) Platform v2.0

Switch from unique monitoring solution to OpenStack standards via Monasca

Project logistics

Preferred past experience

Project Overview

Massachusetts Open Cloud Monitoring Platform (MOCMon) collects, retains, consolidates and services monitoring data from many layers of the MOC (See Fig.1). Varying industry standards are used in MOCMon to cater standard needs of an IaaS cloud as well as unique advance monitoring services that can only exist in an Open Cloud such as MOC. This project aims to perform the transisiton of MOCMon to the open source OpenStack monitoring project Monasca, in order to (i) move MOCMon into a more manegable infrastructure, (ii) upstream advancements made in MOCMon to the community, and (iii) enable MOCMon to benefit from advancements made in the community. Since Monasca and MOCMon have very similar designs most of the effort will be spent on transfering abilities existing in MOCMon into Monasca.

Fig1. - MOC Monitoring architecture.

Some Technologies you will learn/use: