Networking as a Cloud Service

Towards a Marketplace for Networking

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Project Overview

The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) is envisioned as a public cloud marketplace in which multiple parties, instead of only a single provider, can participate in implementing and operating the cloud. In this project we investigate how to enable networking to be offered by multiple providers, much like there can be multiple compute and storage providers that offer competing services to tenants. In this model, tenants can not only rent out hardware resources like compute and storage from different hardware providers, but also can provision network resources with different characteristics from different physical network providers. To achieve that, we aim to create a network architecture that enables multiple parallel physical infrastructures managed by different network providers, exposed through a market. This novel network architecture and the marketplace bring both tenants and network providers benefits:

The goals of this project are: This project will involve some design work, as well as the development of working proofs of concept and prototypes. The first part to be done is part c, parts a and b form the infrastructure of the marketplace itself. Outside of the scope of this project is the algorithms providers use to decide on offers, and the algorithms tenants use to select offers. We will provide a toy implementation of part c as a starting point.

Some Technologies you will learn/use: