Network Programmability as a Cloud Service

Network virtualization and programability

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Project Overview

Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) envisions an open cloud exchange model in which customers can rent out hardware resources and cloud services from a number of different hardware and cloud providers. Networking plays an important role in realizing this model. Several networking challenges arise when multiple providers are involved in serving a customer. Some of these challenges include: supporting interoperability for services that span different HW providers and cloud providers, and allowing customers to have the same kinds of control that they have over the network when they own the HW.

In this project we use Software Defined Networking (SDN) to address some of the MOC networking challenges. Our main tools to achieve this goal are OpenVirtex to support network virtualization, and the available MOC platforms e.g. HaaS and OpenStack to provide network programmability as a cloud service. 

The goals of this project are:

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