CONS3RT ElasticTest Development

Development of test/security tool using CONS3RT ElasticTest SDK for automated assessment of of cloud deployments

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CONS3RT ElasticTest provides on-demand, local, elastic and autonomous "test" (functional, performance, security) resources as part of automated cloud deployments. This is a key part of the "fail early, fail often" tenet in DevOps. The CONS3RT team has recently released a beta ELasticTest SDK to allow for third party developers to build adapters for their test and security tools.

This project will identify options for tools and assess alternatives; then develop, integrate and test the ElasticTest adapter. The resulting adapter will be used across an active CONS3RT community in multiple sites, including the MOC, to contribute to their DevOps success.

What is CONS3RT?

CONS3RT is a leading-edge hybrid cloud orchestration and DevOps software suite, enabling automated, user-driven workflows. There are several tools that target cloud management, but CONS3RT focuses on cloud usefulness so users can get things done! Users can leverage the Provisioning, Build and Test as a Service capabilities so their organization can achieve the highest levels of continuous integration and continuous delivery. (

Some Technologies you will learn/use: