Integrating BMI into QUADS

Integrating BMI into QUADS

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Project Overview:

Quick and Dirty Scheduler(QUADS), an open source project developed at Red Hat that helps in network isolation and bare-metal provisioning. Whereas, Bare-Metal Imaging (BMI) Service is also an open source rapid bare-metal provisioning and image management system developed at Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC). QUADS currently uses Foreman to provision nodes (which is slow) and would like to use BMI to catalyse its provisioning capabilities. The goal of this project is to enable QUADS to use BMI for provisioning bare-metal nodes(creating a BMI driver for QUADS). You will learn in depth about network mounted provisioning systems and the complexity of integrating existing systems to create a new solution. You will analyse and make modifications to the code-base of both of these projects. If needed you will develop new API calls. This will include a full cycle of development experience from proposing the design, implementation and unit testing to documentations for users and developers.

Some Technologies you will learn/use: