Location-aware computing in the hybrid cloud

Project logistics

Mentor: Rodrigo Manyari email: rodrigo-at-twosigma-com

Min-max team size: 3-5

Expected project hours per week (per team member): 6-8

Will the project be open source? Possibly - Apache license

Preferred past experience

Some experience in one or more of the following is preferred in possible team members:

Java, Python, JavaScript/Node.js (Valuable)

REST API concepts and design (Valuable)

Familiarity with OpenStack and Amazon Web Services technologies (nice to have)

Project Overview

Moving data around is expensive, bringing the compute closer to the data allows enables faster execution and reduces cost. With serverless computing frameworks like Open Lambda, Open Whisk, AWS lambda, and Google Functions, we can spin up compute close to the data source. The high level goal of this project is to build an API that unifies different storage technologies (Swift, S3, GCS, BigQuery) and deploys and executes lambda functions close to the resources requested

Some Technologies you will learn/use:

       Serverless programming concepts and frameworks

       Open Whisk or Open Lambda Open Source frameworks, OpenStack Swift storage

       AWS Lambda and S3

       Google Functions and Google Cloud Storage