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Create simple & complex services and applications for self-service delivery via CONS3RT into MOC

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CONS3RT gives users with a better way to develop, test, secure and field their software systems. By using a modular approach with a broad library of software and security components - application, utilities, data sets, lock downs, configurations, etc - users can automate the entire lifecycle of their environments. Users leverage this library of resources to automate the execution and securing anythoing from simple workstations to complex environments (e.g 30 or more servers). Every thing in the library can be shared and reused "as is" and/or used as the basis for something more.

Working with a set of experienced asset developers, the team will identify options for services and applications that impact the the user community. After evaluating alternatives, the team will select a target stack in the area of enterprise service and/or cyber security tools. Then the team will develop, integrate, test and secure the assets and system designs to make it real. The resulting assets and designs will be shared and used across the CONS3RT community in multiple sites, including the MOC.

What is CONS3RT?

CONS3RT is a leading-edge cloud and security orchestration service providing users with DevOps Automation and Validation. There are several tools that target cloud management and more that provide DevOps, but CONS3RT focuses on cloud usefulness and a the strategic needs of DevOps so users can get things done! Users can leverage the Provisioning, Build and Test as a Service capabilities so their organization can achieve the highest levels of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Who is Jackpine?

Jackpine Technologies is a Boston area start-up focused on making cloud useful & secure. Our mission is to empower organizations to create exceptional software through innovative practices, technologies and products. We are small, nimble team with a great collaborative atmosphere. To date, all of our interns have stuck around after graduation so we must be doing something right. Students participating in this project will have access to some of the industry leaders in cloud DevOps. With our new round of funding coming in this year, we are positioned to do some great things.

Some Technologies you will learn/use: