OpenStack Networking Plugins: Ongoing Development


Project Logistics:

Mentors: Sridar Kandaswamy email: skandasw at cisco dot com;  Shweta Padubidri email: shpadubi at cisco dot com; Tim Swanson email: tiswanso at cisco dot com

Min-max team size: 2-4

Expected project hours per week (per team member): 6-8

Will the project be open source: Yes


Preferred Past Experience:

Python (Valuable)

OpenStack (Valuable)

Git (Valuable)

Networking coursework (Nice to have)


Project Overview:


OpenStack provides cloud networking infrastructure (OpenStack Neutron subproject) in addition to cloud compute and storage infrastructure.  In order to permit extensibility of the networking infrastructure OpenStack includes a plugin mechanism.  Plugins can be written to support different types of networking or to extend the networking support to specialized networking hardware.  Extending OpenStack is critical for its ongoing success, in this project you will continue development of existing plugin extensions.   


Project Specifics:

The Openstack Neutron Cisco ASR1000 plugin is an open source plugin which extends OpenStack Neutron support to the Cisco ASR1000 router.  This plugin is currently in use by a number of major customers.  You will be able to work with the project team and understand how customers are using the plugin and review enhancement plans.  Possible enhancements include the ability to add custom configuration to the Cisco ASR1000 (non OpenStack configuration) and firewall support if time permits.

Short project intro video:

Cisco Cloud CTO, Lew Tucker cloud computing overview:

Cisco OpenStack Router Overview:


Some Technologies you will learn/use:

OpenStack/OpenStack Neutron/OpenStack Neutron Cisco ASR1000 Plugin:

You will learn to deploy and use OpenStack, the industry leading open source cloud infrastructure.

You will learn how to deploy and use OpenStackļæ½s networking service, entitled Neutron.

You will learn how to deploy and use the OpenStack Neutron Cisco ASR1000 Plugin, an OpenStack extension for use with the Cisco ASR1000 Router.

You will learn these areas in conjunction with students working on a related ASR1000 plugin project.



OpenStack is written in Python and you will learn how to implement additions to OpenStack in the OpenStack plugin.