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Orran Krieger

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Orran Krieger

I am the Founding Director for the Cloud Computing Initiative (CCI), Resident Fellow of the Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering, Research Professor Department of Computer Science Boston University, email:,

Note for Prospective Research Students



I have broad interest in computer systems, with most of my focus on operating systems, file systems, and cloud computing.  I am just starting up the Center For Cloud Innovation in the Hariri Institute at BU.  A big chunk of my time is  in creating a new, open, model of a public cloud in the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC).  I am also working with Jonathan Appavoo and team on a new operating system for cloud computing and HPC called EbbRT which is part of the SESA project.

We are actively recruiting students and postdocs for both the cloud and EbbRT research.

Short Bio

Before coming to BU, I spent five years at VMware starting and working on vCloud.  Prior to that I was a researcher and manager at IBM T. J. Watson, leading the Advanced Operating System Research Department. I did my PhD and MASc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto.


It looks like my Google Scholar Profile has a much better list of papers, … than I can put together.  Key projects are the rhype hypervisor, the k42, Hurricane and Tornado operating system, vCloud, Libra.